Choosing carpet for condominium corridors is a big responsibility. Not only does it set the tone for the space visually, but it is one of the hardest working materials in the building. Here are four things to keep in mind when choosing carpet for your refurbishment project:

✔️ Look for a carpet with an irregular pattern

Staining by humans or their furry companions is one of the biggest issues with condominium carpeting. Irregular patterns camouflage stains best. The eye is often unable to distinguish the outline of a stain when it is integrated with an all-over changing pattern rather than a regular, linear one. Selecting a pattern with a mix of shear and loop will add camouflaging interest as well, even if you have limited colours. It is typically more expensive however, as the machines that weave them are more complex.

✔️ Choose a dark colour

Dark coloured carpet hides stains and dirt far better than its light coloured counterparts. If you are concerned about lightening the look of your corridors, choose lighter wallpaper and upgrade lighting fixtures or bulbs. Use carpeting as your point of interest and contrast with a dark colour that will not only create interest but make for a practical choice.

✔️ Make sure to ask for a solution-dyed yarn

This means the colour is impregnated into the yarn rather than printed on top. When producing a carpet with solution-dyed nylon, the dye is added to the fiber components before the fiber is even produced. This makes for carpet that is resistant to discoloration from bleach and other harsh cleaning chemicals.

✔️ Invest in a good quality carpet

Generally, a higher face weight represents a more durable carpet. Most carpets have a face weight somewhere between 20 and 100 ounces, with the average for residential carpet falling somewhere between 35 to 60 ounces. A higher face weight means more yarn, which in turn means longer wear. But stitch density is just as important – some carpets have a lower face weight but higher yarn count making them more durable. It depends on the mill and the technique. Your designer should help you determine the best. Lastly, if pets are a real problem in your building, you can request a carpet with an impermeable liner which prevents liquids from seeping down into the concrete slab.

Folio would be happy to help you choose all of your materials, including carpet. Our trained designers are always on top of the latest innovations and looks in the marketplace today.