Folio is proud of the work we do and we hope we are making a difference in condo communities as well as the condo industry itself. We have immense gratitude for our opportunity to do this work; to solve problems and improve interiors every day.

Forest Hill Kipling

Project: Forest Hill Kipling
I had the privilege of working with Samantha and her team on a condominium refurbishment project. Samantha was there every step of the way. From initial project planning, to picking colour and finishing options, to final closing of the project. Samantha and her team understood the needs of our very diverse community. They delivered despite many supply chain challenges. A great leader and a great team to partner with.

Kaveh (Kevin) Oskoui, BSc, OLCM, RCM, PMP, Property Manager

Crossbridge Property Management

Project: 900 Mount Pleasant
“Folio Interior Design Group was great to deal with and very responsive to the needs of the building’s residents during our
renovation. I feel they cared about the staff and needs of the condominium community.”

Mechel Llavore, Site Administrator


Project: Ennisclare on the Lake
As the Chair of Ennisclare Interior Design Committee, I offer high praise for Folio Interiors. They recently coordinated a total redesign, renovation and furnishing of our condominium’s Party Room and attached Kitchen.

The project was a challenge from the beginning as the room had not been updated for many years. The infrastructure required repairs to the plumbing and upgrading of electrical elements. The fire sprinkler system required raising the sprinkler heads to enable a higher ceiling. A new Smart TV and AV system was required.

…Folio’s contractors and trades have been notable for the quality of their work as well as their politeness and site cleanliness. …Project Manager, Russ, coordinated the build logistics to have little interruption to our building and residents.

Folio managed the budget and our preferences so that we now have a completely revitalized and beautiful, bright, modern and functional Party Room and Kitchen that harmonizes perfectly with our adjacent pool and library.

The entire Folio team, from designers to contractors, were a pleasure to work with. They respected our budget and worked seamlessly with our property manager, board, in-house design team and superintendents. Additionally, each member of the Folio team: Russ, Elizabeth, Samantha, Ahmad, and Joe, was always warm, enthusiastic and positive about our project.

We highly recommend Folio Interiors for condo interior renovation and design projects. Please contact me with any further inquiries.

Glenys Reither, Board Member

Crossbridge Property Management

Project: The Legend at Mystic Pointe II
To whom it may concern,
This letter is written to express my extreme satisfaction with Folio Interior Design Group. Folio was chosen by the Board as the Design consultants on our hallway and lobby refurbishment project, which is currently underway. From the very beginning, Folio’s attention to detail and the team’s desire to go above and beyond was apparent. Samantha is outstanding—she is on site frequently and always comes by to provide status updates on the project. Moreover, she holds the contractors to the highest standards of quality and workmanship—ensuring that the final project strongly adheres to the design vision.

My Board and I are incredibly pleased with Folio, and we would not hesitate to recommend them for your renovation, refurbishment, or interior design projects.

Angelo Kaja, Condominium Manager

Crossbridge Condominium Management

Project: Palace Place
“…Please pass along to your team my gratitude for making me look good in the eyes of my Palace Place client, but mostly for bringing a fresh and needed refresh to interior design to the condo industry. You are setting the bar where it should be. I think your vision has produced an industry changing movement. I often brag that I know you ….making the lives of so many people (and the value of their biggest asset) the very best it can be. On behalf of approximately 1.5 million Ontario condo residents, the biggest, hugest, most honest and heartfelt THANK YOU!”

Murray Johnson, Vice President, Client Operations, Former president of CCI Toronto


Project: 900 Mount Pleasant
Our Board of directors selected Folio Interior Design Group Inc. to provide a design/build solution for our ground floor refurbishment: Lobby, Corridors, Parking level foyers and Party room.

The Folio team worked with our design committee and board to offer a fresh look for our space which seemed dull, outdated and not competitive in our Mid-town Toronto location. Folio brought many samples and provided expertise in areas from flooring and wall covering to drapery and furnishings. The project was a challenge with diverse opinions, a set timeline, and a scope that encompassed many different finishes and materials.
Throughout the process, the Folio team members did their best to accommodate and be available when needed, for example when the scope or work expanded to include a custom modular partition wall and a new floor for the party room.

From the project inception through to its completion, the Folio team was present at all key stages to check quality of workmanship and to solve hiccups that presented themselves. Folio provided high quality finishes at a very reasonable price while working with timelines in which the scope of work changed and increased the workload.

We would recommend Folio Interior Design Group to a condominium corporation undertaking a refurbishment that wants dedication of good design, creative ideas and positive budgetary needs.

Timothy Swift, Board Director, Design Committee lead

Crossbridge Property Management

Project: Battery Park Condos
To whom it may concern,
Our board and management team were introduced to Folio Interior Design Group Inc. through a general contractor that was awarded our refurbishment. As our selected Interior Designer was unable to fulfill their duties, Folio stepped in and assisted in areas that needed design knowledge, skill, and expertise. Since this was an extreme relief to us we provided Folio with additional work and we asked to come on board to complete the design services needs during the construction of this refurbishment.

The level of service that we needed during our refurbishment: providing design consulting services, reviewing of planned design & fulfilling needs that we believed were completed were all serviced by Folio’s team. The time and attention to detail of Folio’s designer and team has been grateful and appreciated by our board and management team. We have already discussed with Folio some future designs that the condo board wishes to review in the future. Elizabeth is responsive and attentive and understands construction finishes.

We would highly recommend Folio Interior Design Group to any condominium corporation undertaking a skilled design refurbishment and design management needed for their building.

Laura Aguilar BBA, RCM, General License, PMP, Property Manager

Malvern Property Management

Project: The Braxton
Folio Design Group Inc. was requested for a bid on a minor refurbishment of a Penthouse in a desirable neighbourhood in the Leaside, Toronto area that I managed. The request was to quote on some errors and damage to the penthouse’s corridor wallpaper that occurred from maintenance. Folio was able to competitively bid on the project and be awarded it.

During the removal of said corridor wallpaper, other observations and damages made by the age of the building had arisen and became identified. Folio was able to assess the problem, create a solution and revise the quote in a timely manner while servicing with the appropriate skilled trades and necessary cost associated. This process wouldn’t have occurred so smoothly without the dedication and attention of Folio and their team. Communication with the maintenance supervisor and the property management team was often and always open, which was appreciated.

Our building would recommend Folio Interior Group Inc. for providing excellent customer service and positive solutions for our necessary needs and solutions to our refurbishment.

Katherine Halupka, Property Manager

Del Property Management

Project: 360 at the City Centre
Folio Interior Design Group Inc. was selected to provide design consulting services for the refurbishment project in our corridors. This included complete visual schematics with new wall coverings, carpeting and paint, and also administrative management consisting of submission of all documents, contract management, approvals, and deficiencies resolution.

The Folio team worked with our Board to provide various designs that incorporated our existing suite doors which were a distinctive colour and had to remain. We were presented with five options which we narrowed down to two for presentation to the residents.

The voting process with the residents went well, with samples and boards provided to really give the residents a good idea of the final result. A mock-up was installed in the corridor for a realistic, in situ simulation with the true lighting. The designs were modern and dramatic, and really helped to bring a new look to the space.

From the project start date through to its completion, the Folio team were present at various stages to check quality of workmanship, and solve hiccups that presented themselves. Folio team members were present and reachable throughout and worked well with the General Contractor trades who carried out the work. In the end the project was completed within budget and in the specified timeline.

We would recommend Folio Interior Design Group to any condominium corporation undertaking a refurbishment.

Cheryl Lombardo


Project: Ennisclare on the Lake
Folio Interiors carried out a refurbishment in our lakeside Condo building. They are a fabulous team and a pleasure to work with.
Every aspect of the project presented challenges, and the Folio team had an approach that kept everyone in the loop. There was no beating around the bush! They were all so approachable, helpful and patient – curbing every challenge that came our way.

The final product was way beyond our expectations and we’re now so proud of this epic achievement! We’d definitely recommend Folio for design-build refurbishments, if you’re looking for a company who can work with you to look after all the moving parts of a refurb.

Mary Rose Darmanin., RCM, OLCM, Condominium Manager

Nadlan-Harris Property Management Inc.

Project: 91 Townsgate Drive
We have had the pleasure of working with Folio’s tile installer Wahid during this project at 91 Townsgate Drive.

His work is excellent, his manner is a joy.  His dedication to his craft – really shows.

Cheryl M. Harper, RCM, OLCM, Condominium Manager