Below are materials Folio has created to better educate boards and managers on the many aspects of refurbishment, design, construction, and other topics that affect your project. If you wish to book a Lunch and Learn with Jennifer Bistron and Samantha Angel on any of these topics, please contact us and we can customize a presentation for your board or your office.

Industry Articles by Folio

Article: Refurbishing Your Floors

Refurbishing your Floors?

An article by Cobi Ladner

Not Just Cosmetic

An article by Samantha Angel

What Kind of Furniture Can I use in My Condo’s Lobby Space?

An article by Sarah McKenzie and Samantha Angel

Brochures and Flyers

Working with a Design Team - Brochure

Working with a Design Team

Interior designers understand the structure and systems of a building and can help to better gauge the existing condition of your space and scope of your project.

Condo Refurbishment Brochure

Condo Refurbishment

Why work with the fastest growing design-build firm in condo refurbishment? Here are three concrete reasons that will make you and your project shine!

Design-Build Refurbishment - Brochure

Design-Build Refurbishment

A refurbishment or renovation is not a routine project, and can present unique problems and difficult conversations. When your designer is also your contractor, you have only one point of contact. Folio does not partner with a contractor. We are the contractor.


Compliance Explained

Compliance Explained

Guide to Lumens

Guide to Lumens

A visual table showing lumen output by fixture type.

Guide to Colour Temperature

A visual table comparing light by temperature.


Furniture designated as ‘fire-rated’ or ‘CAL
TB-133 certified

Models that have been upholstered with CAL
TB-117 certified fabric over a burn-resistant layer that encases
CAL TB-117 certified foam and has undergone and passed a
controlled burn test.

Fire Rated Fabrics Guide

Fire Rated Fabrics Guide

Fire Rate Fabrics

Fire-Rated Commercial Fabric Guide

There are hundreds of colour and fabric options available to our clients when designing fire- rated furniture. All fabric options listed are fire-rated to CAL-117 and share the following commonalities: they are commercial-grade, durable and tested to a minimum of 80,000 double rubs.

MDF Mouldings Sheet

MDF Mouldings Sheet

In classical architecture, it described the main beam resting on the tops of the columns. Today it is often used as a decorative moulding for ornamentation or finishing at the top of windows and doors.