The time has come: your condominium building’s common room upholstery is starting to look likes its seen better days. Whether it’s dirty, ripped and/or faded, eventually, you will need to start exploring options with getting the furniture replaced.

But before you rush out to purchase brand new furniture, consider the alternative: reupholstering. Not only is it an eco-friendly option, but reupholstering provides the ability to retain good quality pieces that your condo residents have come to love. Here’s everything you should know about reupholstering the furniture throughout your building’s common spaces.

What is Upholstery Exactly?

Take a look at the chairs, sofas and other furniture throughout your building’s common spaces.

Although you may only see the fabric covering the frame, there’s a lot more that goes into make this furniture useful. The term ‘upholstery’ covers these materials – including the fabric, padding, webbing and springs – that comprise the soft coverings on furniture.

The metal springs and foam used in a modern upholstered item provides durability and comfort, whereas the quality of the fabric’s inner layers can help extend its lifetime.

Reupholster vs. New Furniture: What’s Better?

Over time, you may get tired of the look of the furniture throughout your condo’s common spaces – or it may become damaged. If the pieces are quality and well-made with a solid structure, reupholstering is the ideal solution. It provides the answer to revitalizing furniture without compromising the original design’s comfort and style.

Although reupholstering definitely has its advantages, it can cost as much money (and sometimes more) as new furniture. But if the furniture has lasted more than ten years (proving durability), has a hardwood frame, quality padding and cannot be replaced in a store, it’s normally worth the investment.

How Much Does Reupholstery Cost?

The biggest expense when it comes to reupholstery is the fabric, which can range in price between $40 – $70 per yard. Choosing a fabric that you’ll be content with for years is key, so consider its durability, comfort and style. Does it suit the common space you plan on using it in?

The furniture’s stuffing is also key – if it’s simply filled with foam, it’s normally not worth the cost of reupholstering. But if you have a current piece that you’re attached to and you need to make fire-safe, it’s possible. An upholsterer can use new, TB-133 regulation meeting stuffing that’s encased in a barrier and has a tag depicting the standards it meets.

Reupholstering costs differ depending on the size of the furniture piece and the cost of the fabric chosen. On average, a three-seat sofa requires almost 20 yards of fabric and approximately $600 in labour costs (normally 16 – 22 hours). A large wingback chair costs almost as much in labour due to the work involved (normally 8 – 14 hours), but only requires about seven yards of fabric.

Sometimes, additional costs come up during the upholstery process including repairing or rebuilding a frame, re-tying springs and changing loose cushions.

How to Find a Good Upholsterer

Reupholstering can be a costly process which is why it’s important to hire an upholsterer with experience. Since each piece of furniture is unique, an upholsterer should provide an estimate by seeing the piece in person first. Choose someone who takes the time to carefully strip the upholstery down to the bare wood and properly inspect all the components before replacing anything.

Even better? Choose someone who has experience reupholstering pieces specifically for condo common spaces such as Folio Interior Design Group. Contact us today for more information about our condominium common area design services!

By Sarah McKenzie