Time to Update your building’s Amenities?

Condominium amenities are important. They provide residents with spaces and activities that promote a sense of community and belonging, opportunities to unwind and socialize with neighbors, and practical, convenient solutions to everyday activities.

High-quality amenities attract a higher caliber of residents while increasing the buildings’ overall value. The more attractive and well-appointed the amenities, the more likely someone will choose one condominium over another, especially if it matches or enhances their lifestyle.

We are seeing the removal or reduction of:

It is critical to the success of any amenities refurbishment that the property manager and board establishes a realistic budget.

The first step is to identify which amenities are the highest priority to meet changing resident needs. A poll or questionnaire can be helpful. Ultimately, the budget should balance necessary or desired upgrades with cost-effectiveness. It is important to understand that over time, residents establish strong routines, and tend to find solace, and a sense of comfort and security in familiar things. The more residents feel heard, the better. Folio can work with the property manager to develop methods that help minimize the effects of shocks and stresses of renovation.

Once the scope of the project has been decided, a good design team will work closely with the property manager and condominium board to determine the desired aesthetic residents are looking for and suggest one that suits the building. A cohesive design plan should provide practical solutions and also aesthetically elevate the space. Choosing materials that are easy to maintain and clean will help extend their lifespan and reduce the need for frequent replacements.

Depending on the project, an amenities refurbishment may require the labor of a number of specialized contractors. Folio has the experience to coordinate talented trades to ensure they meet deadlines, understand design direction, and adhere to building codes and safety protocols. In order to have minimal impact on building operations and resident’s lives, Folio helps property managers to communicate effectively and manage resident expectations by keeping them informed about the project timelines, expected disruptions, and changes to building access and services during the renovation.