Art plays an important role on each wall that it graces. It helps to set the tone of a space and can create a memorable impression.

Even so, many Condo Managers and Board Members choose to go without art in common spaces due to limited budgets.

But no longer do buildings’ common space walls need to stay blank because of financial constraints! Here are four inexpensive ways to decorate the walls of your condo building’s common spaces:

Art Reproductions

Art reproductions are one of the most common inexpensive ways to decorate walls throughout common spaces.

Normally completed on stretched canvas to replicate the original artwork, art reproductions can be sized to your specifications. With the aid of technology, colour tones and image sharpness of the original image can also be adjusted and improved to better fit your space.

To preserve art reproductions, install a special lock to deter theft. If displayed in natural light, use a protective glass encasement to prevent discolouration.

Vinyl Wall Wraps and Wall Murals

Wall graphics provide an opportunity to get as creative as you want on your condo buildings’ walls!

Available in a variety of pre-made designs, wall graphics can also be customized. Besides being durable, wall graphics stick to walls without causing any damage. This means that they can be easily changed up to a fresh, new design or pattern both easily and without breaking your budget.

Wayfinding Signage

Create a consistent look throughout your building’s common spaces plus add a decorative edge with wayfinding signage.

Besides displaying directional text, wayfinding signage can incorporate a creative flair to be used on walls. With the design options virtually endless for wayfinding signs, motifs used in your building’s interior such as circular patterns or tree branches can be easily incorporated.

Factors to Consider when Decorating Common Spaces’ Walls

When choosing artwork for your buildings’ walls, remember that common spaces do not change often. It’s important to choose artwork that will last, be functional and be maintained easily. Doing so will ensure the artwork you invest in will look impressive for many years to come!

Without art, the walls in your condo building’s lobby space, party room and other common spaces are simply blank canvases. Let us help you bring life to your buildings’ walls! Contact us today to speak to one of our professionals about inexpensive art options for your condo building’s common spaces!

By Sarah McKenzie