Your building’s lobby space is an influential space that’s used to welcome residents, potential residents and guests. But does it currently make the impression that you want? If it doesn’t, our Pinterest boards can help! For creative ways to freshen up your building’s lobby space, check out our suggestions below!

Wall Treatments

Although paint and wallpaper are the most popular ways to dress up your condo lobby’s walls, there are many more creative wall treatments available.

Transform flat surfaces using dimension and texture with cleverly arranged wood trim in various sizes and patterns. Wall mural decals, decorative panels and interlocking tiles can also be used to decorate the interior walls and bring more creativity into this space.

Partition Walls

By being lightweight and occupying minimal space, partition walls are a great way to divide the floor area of a room. And with today’s modern, beautifully designed options, it’s easy to find a partition wall that seamlessly blends in with the rest of your space.

Choose from a selection of modern designs made of glass, wood, metal and more. Many of today’s partitions are custom made to fit a space and keep acoustics and sound absorption in mind.

Accent Walls

Our accent wall ideas provide plenty of options for making a powerful statement in your building’s lobby. Use this opportunity to play with colour, patterns and textures that will draw your eye and customize the room.

Budget-friendly accent wall ideas include paint, stencils, temporary wallpaper and temporary wood planking.

Need more ideas on designing functional signage for your condo building? Our Pinterest boards are full of them! If you’re ready to discuss your ideas with an interior designer, contact one of our design professionals today.

By Sarah McKenzie