It seems like every time you look, a new condo building is being added to the Toronto, Ont., skyline. In order to remain competitive, it’s imperative that you keep your building in great condition – or else risk getting lost to your competition.

When it comes to refurbishment projects, sometimes a relatively small change can provide big results. Refinishing condo units’ doors is a relatively quick, cost-effective way to revitalize your building. Whether you paint or stain your units’ doors, making this refurbishment won’t take long to experience a return on investment!

Are you ready to make this beneficial upgrade to your condo building? Here are some tips to keep in mind when refinishing your residents’ hallway doors.

Communication to Residents is Key throughout the Project

Like any other refurbishment project, communication to your buildings’ residents is key throughout the project. Not only do residents simply appreciate being notified of changes, but this helps ensure the project will go as smoothly as possible.

Many of today’s paints are made to be low odour. However, providing residents with advance notice can allow alternate arrangements to be made if necessary – especially if there is an outdated ventilation system in your building.

Doors will also need to be left open for a certain amount of time following the application to avoid any stain/paint damage from occurring. Several reminders leading up to the refurbishment project are often necessary.

Paint or Stain? Choosing a Material to Refinish Residents’ Hallway Doors

Paint is available in a wide spectrum of colour options and typically has a fast drying time.

An oil-based paint can be touched in six to eight hours and is ready for a second coat after 24 hours. Latex paints dry even quicker; they can be touched after approximately one hour and can be re-coated after four hours.

Depending on the stain chosen, drying times can range from six hours to 24 hours and longer. Stain colours are not as wide-encompassing as paint colours and are available in solid, semi-transparent and transparent finishes.

Although veneer is another option that can be applied to doors, it’s typically more expensive than replacing them.

2019 Trending Paint and Stain Colours

Once you’ve decided on using paint or stain, the decision making isn’t over yet! Next up is choosing a colour.

For 2019, colour trends are two different extremes: darks and lights, plus cooler and browner tones. Less popular options this year are red and warm tones.

Although you can’t move from a dark tone to a light tone easily, you are able to easily transform your residents’ doors from light to dark. Trending dark colours include Ebony and Jacobean.

Trending light, natural colours include Golden Oak, fruitwood and Ipswich pine.

The Process Involved with Painting or Staining Doors in Condo Buildings

Applying paint or stain to doors is completed using the same process.

Following hardware removal, the current finish or paint should be sanded off the door. If stain was chosen as the application, two coats should be applied in total.

If paint is used instead, priming the door before paint application ensures a better finish is produced. Need more assistance with refinishing residents’ hallway doors in your condo building? Contact us today and we would be happy to help!

By Sarah McKenzie