After taking a glance that lasts only a couple of seconds, they’ve already decided.

Has your building’s lobby space made a great first impression? The following lobby design collections from our Pinterest page are sure to increase your building’s curb appeal and property values.

Lobby Inspiration

Textures, layers and finishes can help create an appealing lobby space for your building’s residents, visitors and prospective buyers. From creating a comfortable and welcoming lobby to incorporating a clean and sophisticated style, our lobby inspiration board on Pinterest will leave you with plenty of ideas.

Lobby Art

Lobby art is now so much more than paintings on the walls. Unique, custom handmade pieces featuring wood, stone, greenery and more are available to help form your building’s identity. Select from many different artistic, innovative styles of lobby art from our Pinterest page to reflect the values and preferences of your building’s residents.

Lobby Furniture

As the entrance to your building, your lobby space serves multiple purposes. It’s a common area used to greet visitors and guests as well as an area for residents to pass through. Choosing suitable lobby furniture is key to creating a welcoming yet visually appealing space.

We can help you design a lobby space that will play a paramount role in the lives of your building’s residents, visitors and prospective buyers. Ask about our variety of Design packages today!


By Sarah McKenzie