We know how complicated it has been to find furniture to satisfy the Fire inspectors at your buildings. So, we did something about it.

Folio has partnered with Trellis Business Services to create a new website where you can find stylish pieces that are already fire tested to meet TB-133! Trellis Interior Concepts, was created to serve our common clients for design and business in the condominium and corporate sectors.

The joint venture came out of a need to solve problems that both sectors were seeing: Boards and Managers of companies and condos need to re-think their spaces and they don’t know where to turn.

“The needs of office workers and the needs of residents of buildings are not that different,” says Samantha Angel, who serves clients in these areas. “I’m hearing that spaces are being looked at differently for the first time in years. So, it makes sense to put the business consulting hat on when looking at interior design needs and vice versa.”

Consider the following scenarios:

Gyms, games rooms, media rooms, and other areas that are now off-limits to residents and workers are empty, so it’s a good time to review their utility.

Working from home is changing everything. Companies are devising on-off schedules for workers to be in the office on alternating days. In condos and apartments, this means more people in the building throughout the day, with a demand for places where they can get out of the four walls and be productive in. 

More deliveries mean it’s time to look at more efficient and secure ways to receive parcels. We all know about locker systems by now, so Folio and Trellis worked together to incorporate these systems into your floor-plan revision as part of the project, without the client having to become an expert on all the different systems.

When it comes to lockers, consider that for office workers, sharing desks on off-days and having a place to lock personal items will also necessitate systems that are easy and stylish.

A Resource Hub for Office and Property Managers

The site is also a place to find studies, reports and articles on trends in the industry from a design perspective. When it comes to refurbishment, it’s critical to take into account how the pandemic has changed the way we look at spaces for the future, and what we have in common is that design will always be best when taking direction from human need and utility.

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