Decorating a space is one of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit.

But with the Toronto Fire Services’ new fire guidelines for multi-residential buildings, you may be nervous about how to decorate your condo’s lobby space for the upcoming holiday season. What can you place in your condo’s lobby space that will not be in violation of the Ontario Fire Code? How can you ensure the holiday decorations you choose will not put your residents’ safety at risk?

With our four suggestions below, rest assured knowing that your condo’s lobby space is ready for the holidays – and not a fire.

Play Holiday Music

Music has the magical ability to instantly take you to a different place or time.

Playing holiday-themed music can be a great way to create a welcoming, community feeling from the moment you step inside your condo’s lobby.

Holiday Floral Arrangements

From poinsettias to amaryllis, red roses to white lilies, there are many beautiful fresh floral options available to decorate your condo’s lobby space.

The safest bet is greenery in water – cuttings of holly or forced bulbs in a glass vase are super pretty and free of dried bits that can burn.

Make sure if you do have potted arrangements that you remove any of the plastic or varnished accents, such as pine cone or berry picks as well as ribbon.

Artificial, Flame-Resistant, Pre-Decorated Christmas Trees

Is your building’s lobby space simply incomplete without a Christmas tree? If so, there is one great alternative to the hazard of a traditional, live tree: a flame-resistant, pre-decorated Christmas tree!

These Christmas trees should come with a label from the manufacturer that certifies and identifies the tree (and its décor) as being fire retardant and should indicate which standards are met for flame-spread rate. The key is that in the event of a fire, they will burn slowly and with as little toxic smoke as possible.

An added bonus? An artificial, flame-resistant tree will create much less mess in your lobby space since they don’t have falling needles!

Add Some Holiday Light

Although real candles are a huge fire risk, the good news is that many manufacturers now sell realistic, flameless candles.

Available in a wide range of colours and sizes, flameless candles can be added to greenery, floral arrangements or any surface for an extra holiday touch. Choose flickering styles to duplicate a realistic flame this holiday season!

Keeping the Holidays Happy for Your Condo Residents

When it comes to decorating your condo’s lobby space for the holidays, it’s also important to respect your residents’ multiculturalism. For example, consider using winter-themed décor rather than holiday décor.

In the end, it all comes down to choosing fire-safe decorations that will bring joy to your residents. Not only will this keep your local fire department happy, but it will also help ensure that your condo building’s residents have a safe and happy holiday season. For more advice about appropriate holiday decorations for your condo’s lobby space, contact the talented team at Folio Interior Design Group Inc. today.

By Sarah McKenzie