Although traditionally used for hosting holiday gatherings, a condo’s party room has become a space that is now much more multi-purpose.

From hosting meetings and card games to dinner parties, creating a room that serves more than one purpose can be difficult. But with our three design tips below, you will soon be on your way to creating a functional, yet chic condo party room.

Make the Space Welcoming

Your building’s party room should feel bright and warm and act as an extension of your condo residents’ units. Choose a neutral colour scheme (like shades of greys) that’s modern and refreshing. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour to a feature wall!

Some bold, contemporary artwork pieces can easily make a space feel more intimate. Add warmth to the ceiling with a chandelier and install dimmable lighting.

Remember, most of the party room guests will be arriving straight from outside. Provide a well-organized, modern-looking space within the room to store any coats, hats and winter boots.

Use Partitions to Separate the Space

Your building’s residents will want to create an intimate atmosphere that encourages conversation and mingling. They’re looking for a space that’s comfortable enough to hold a number of people, yet small enough to make everyone feel welcomed.

Traditional party rooms that have large, open spaces are not conducive to this type of intimacy. Condo Management Board Members and Condo Property Managers that are realizing this are fulfilling the need for smaller party rooms by installing partitions.

Without completing a major renovation, your condo’s party room can easily be transformed into a space that better suits your condo residents’ needs!

Get Creative with Storage

Since your party room’s primary purpose is for hosting gatherings, a creative solution for storing extra tables, chairs and more needs to be achieved. Remember, your party room should not be used as a storage space!

Avoid a cluttered look by keeping any extra furniture neatly stacked and stored away. Install closet doors that blend in seamlessly with the room’s surroundings and customize the inside of the closet space to meet the room’s needs. Add some sleek, wall-to-wall cabinetry to fulfill any shelving needs. Keep your chairs stacked on rollers and your tables on wheels to make set-up and take-down easy for your residents.

When it comes to designing a functional yet chic party room, choose an interior designer that specializes in condo common spaces. Contact the condo experts at Folio Interior Design Group today for more information about our services.

By Sarah McKenzie