Project Description


Whether it’s natural or artificial, light plays a key role in guiding the way through a living space. Light acts as design’s guide and also sets the ambience within a living space. Light is absorbed by textures and dark colours and is reflected by shine and metallics. Without light, other design elements such as colour, texture and pattern would be insignificant.

Quick Reference

Light is used to accentuate a certain space and create a particular ambience. Effective placement of doors and windows create natural light, whereas artificial light is broadly divided into three major types:

  • Task lighting, such as a bed lamp, is used for a defined purpose
  • Accent lighting highlights a particular show item such as artwork
  • Mood lighting helps set the mood while illuminating an overall space

Note: Ensure the undertones of colour in the light source are working with your colour scheme, otherwise the effect can be muddy, washed out, or out of harmony.