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Project Description

Emphasis/Focal point

Emphasis, which involves a central object captivating inhabitants of a certain living space, works closely with focal point, a space’s visual centre of attraction. Focal points are emphasized with elements like colour, pattern and texture to result in the creation of a dominating attention grabber. Items surrounding the focal point must be complementary while playing a contrasting role to the focal point.

The focal point must be interesting enough to draw attention to and hold the viewer’s interest, such as a fireplace or window.

Quick Reference

Emphasis and focal point work together to create a captivating room. It’s best to create one main focal point with two or three supporting complementary elements. Work with the existing floor plan and elements of the space to create a focal point that fits in seamlessly, such as:

  • A Certain Piece of Furniture or Artwork
  • A Grouping of Furniture
  • An Unusual Object
  • A Large Object