Project Description


When objects stand out from one another, different luminance or colour is used – referred to as contrast. Colour, form and space are three different elements used to help achieve contrast.

Colour helps make an object distinguishable, such as when opposite colours like black and white are used for throw pillows. Combining two or more forms (such as a round mirror over a rectangular table) create contrast be distributing the attention between both items. Space can also be utilized to achieve contrast by efficiently dividing an area into usable positive and negative spaces.

Quick Reference

Contrast helps objects be unique within a living space. Achieve a proper contrast by considering:

  • Object Specifications: Choose varying colours, textures and sizes of objects.
  • Brightness: The lighting within the space can easily highlight certain objects.
  • Distance: Paying attention to how far objects are placed from each other can naturally draw attention to certain ones.