Project Description


Scale and proportion entail two relationships: the relationship between a human being and a space and the relationship between a space’s objects within a space. This design element is used to help ensure objects remain proportionate within the room they’re placed in.

Establishing a harmony between objects involves considering their size, dimension, shape and colour. In rooms with high ceilings, high rise furniture would be better suited whereas, in smaller rooms, large furniture would look out of proportion.

Quick Reference

A living space’s relation to a human being is based on the scale and relation of its objects. Finding a suitable harmony between the space and its objects is based on considering objects’ sizes:

  • Large Objects: Although large objects can seem inadequate in a small space, a smaller space can appear larger by using suitable objects, such as glass partitions
  • Small Objects: If placed in a large living space, the space can feel vast and empty to inhabitants whereas small objects will be more proportion in smaller spaces.